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1. When is the best time to contact a wedding planner?

It depends on when you start feeling you need support in organizing a wedding. The best is it contact right after engagement, so we can start the process of organizing, which especially for future brides, is very exciting. We also organize weddings on a short notice thus you decide when you wish to contact us.

2. Why should you ask a wedding planner for support?

Help of a wedding planner makes wedding planning way easier and saves a lot of time. The process of finding a perfect location and vendors is very time consuming and wedding planner helps to find the best solutions and options. We send you list of recommended solutions and that way you can save time on searching on your own. What is more, we have a broad knowledge on organizational matters and know exactly what and when to do. We take stress off your shoulders, so you can fully enjoy your wedding.

3. How does working with you look like?

Every couple is different, so every wedding is unique. We start with a meeting when we discuss what is to be done and we create a concept of the wedding. We can meet in person or talk on the phone or online. The most important for us is to establish what your dream wedding is. Once we know it, we prepare a schedule of actions which we present to you. After that we propose to you a list of recommended vendors and we start organizing the
wedding. We help in every wedding aspect and you can contact us anytime once we start the working together.

4. How much does organizing a wedding cost?

Wedding organization depends on how many aspects you already have organized. We often start working with couples right after the engagement when they do not have anything organized yet. Sometimes couples reach out to us when they are in the middle or organizing and search for support. That is why the price of our service is individual and established after the first meeting.

5. How does wedding coordination look like?

Coordination consists of preparing a detailed wedding day plan, so everything goes within a schedule and all of the vendors know what to do and when. During a wedding day we make sure all of the aspects are just the way you wish. We assist the bride and groom during the preparations, we deliver the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets, we check the stationery and make sure the decorations are being installed properly. The list is much longer, but the most important is the fact we take care of every aspects of the wedding day, so you can focus on celebrating your love with your close ones.

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6. When to contact you if I already have some/most of aspects organized and I search for a person who will coordinate it?

In that case we recommend the coordination of the wedding. Around 2 weeks before the big day we meet and gather all of the information about the wedding concept and vendors. Then we prepare a plan and coordinate the ceremony and reception for you.

7. I am planning to organize a baby shower. Can you help us with organizing? How does the collaboration look like?

In case of every celebration the first step is to meet or talk online about the concept and the range of actions. After that we prepare an offer and propose it to you. Together we create a concept and theme of the party. Consequently, we organize the party and coordinate it, so you can enjoy the time with your close ones and fully celebrate.

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