How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner for You?

how to choose a wedding planner
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Selecting the right wedding planner is crucial – it has a huge effect on the success of the wedding day. We present several effective tips that will tell you how to pick the perfect wedding planner for you. How to choose a wedding planner? What can you do to find the right one? What criteria need to be considered? What are the qualities to look for in a perfect wedding planner? Read the text below and find answers to all these questions!

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Why is it worth using the services of a wedding planner?

Organizing your dream wedding is a big undertaking. Wedding to-do list seems to have no end. The bride and groom need to take so many aspects into account, such as formalities, wedding venue, music, wedding cake, sweets, decorations, the style of the wedding, little gifts for guests, video and photography services, wedding dress and suit, wedding hairstyles, make-up, wedding rings, wedding bouquet, first dance, wedding games, additional services, and many more things. It is almost impossible not to forget about anything and to have everything under control.

Unless you choose the right wedding planner – a person who helps couples with supervising important details of this most important day. A wedding planner takes care of legal contracts and agreements with subcontractors. This person also makes appointments, reminds the bride and groom about them, and eases stress around the whole planning process. There is no one who fights for the bride and groom’s wedding vision from start to finish, more than a wedding planner. It may seem that using the services of a wedding planner is an additional cost, but in fact, a professional can often save couples money.

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How to choose the right professional?

Selecting the ideal wedding planner is possible, as long as you know what to pay attention to. You need to know your vision. Set priorities. Specify your budget. It’s good to have an initial action plan. That’d be a good place to start. Looking for the appropriate professional is associated with doing extensive research. What else can be added to this list of tips on how to pick a wedding planner?

Specify your needs, priorities, and budget

The first right thing to do is to specify your needs, priorities, and, perhaps most importantly, budget. Define what planning services you require. Decide if you need full-service planning or partial planning. Maybe day-of coordination is something for you? Set your budget and remember that the cost of a wedding planner depends on many factors, such as the planner’s experience or location. Wedding planners providing services in bigger cities are usually pricier than the ones in smaller towns. If you’re planning a destination wedding, be prepared for higher costs of the service. Furthermore, remember that the bigger the experience, the higher the rate.

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Talk about money early on!

The amount of time spent on working on one wedding directly impacts the price of wedding planner’s services. If the period of preparation is long, the couple has to pay more. So, if your budget isn’t too high, we recommend using the services of a one-day coordinator, or involving a wedding planner only in the most important aspects of your wedding that you’re unable to handle on your own. Summarizing this part, talking about money early enough is essential.

Do a thorough research

Actually, planning a wedding requires good research. Looking for the best wedding planner may take time and patience. It’s perfectly understandable that you don’t want to hire the first person you see. So, which criteria need to be considered when looking for the right person to organize your wedding with?

You can start by looking for wedding planners in your area. Compare them. Check the opinions on the Internet. Ask people who you trust the most – your family members and friends. Do a thorough research, which in practice means checking the wedding planner’s website and social media platforms. 

Remember that expertise matters!

Take time to look at examples of wedding planners’ works. Make sure they’re certified and have a large experience coordinating weddings that are similar to yours in terms of style, size, and religious considerations. Ask for a portfolio. You also ought to ask your potential wedding planner what photographers and vendors they have previously worked with. Asking some personal questions is also highly recommended, as it helps connect on a personal level. Consider only the ones that “match your vibe” (and requirements, of course).

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Pay attention to the wedding planner’s communication style

You definitely need to meet with your potential wedding planner (or at least schedule a virtual meeting) before you decide you are 100% sure to hire them. Thanks to that, you will have the chance to get to know them better. Exchange of messages is not enough. “Check” their personality and find out whether you feel comfortable talking to them or not. Get to know their communication style. See if you have any chemistry. If you want to get along well with a person who will take care of almost everything related to your wedding, you need to trust each other.

Look for a well-organized person

A good wedding planner has to be highly organized. This is one of the most important qualities required in this profession. A wedding planner has to “relieve” the bride and groom and be supportive during your wedding day and through the whole wedding planning process. They need to feel that the person they hire can handle potential challenges. So, they should choose someone who has the ability to multitask, meticulously plan, remember details, and so on.

Search for a goal-oriented multitasker

It’s worth considering that weddings are not always predictable. Something unexpected may happen due to circumstances out of the bride and groom’s control. A wedding planner should be able to calm the situation, adapt to unpredicted changes and look for a way out. A calm, goal-oriented and well-organized multitasker is someone the bride and groom need. It is important to ask questions – a couple may ask their potential wedding planner about specific challenges they have faced before in previous weddings and check how they resolved problems. 

Find someone who understands your vision

When hiring a wedding planner, make sure they understand and respect your vision. Use the services of a professional who can give advice and share their wide knowledge when you want it, but have your own vision and don’t let anyone change the whole of it. By respecting your vision by a wedding planner, we mean prioritizing your preferences, even if they don’t entirely agree with you. Of course, you can be open to possibilities, but ultimately, this is your wedding, and you are the one who makes the most important decisions.

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Make sure your potential wedding planner will be available on your chosen wedding date

This tip may seem obvious, but it must be emphasized that your wedding planner has to be available for you on your chosen wedding date. Make sure they are! Don’t hire a wedding planner who is booked for more weddings on the same day. Instead, hire the one who can be with you to supervise and handle every element of the ceremony. Choose someone who can declare full commitment during the big day and who can make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Looking for the right professional is… accomplishable. Actually, it can prove relatively easy. All you need to do is to remember our advice and follow them. Know your needs and requirements. Consider what is non-negotiable for you. Stick to your own vision. Find out everything you can about the professional experience of a wedding planner you’re about to hire. Meet them in person. Ask lots of questions. Get to know their communication and work style. Look for someone reliable and multitasking, who can stay cool in stressful situations (which we hope won’t appear at all). Now you know how to choose a wedding planner!


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